Audio Collection by Mikel Lavrentyev

(In MP3 - Mpeg Layer 3 format)

Mikel Lavrentyev's Collection:
  • First part
  • Second part
  • Third part (New-2 records)
  • Fourth part (New-3 records)

  • Attention: No more than one simulataneous transfer of media files (mp3, RA, ..) is allowed for each host. Please respect this rule or your access may be blocked. Thank you for your understanding!

    Внимание: Каждый посетитель может скачивать не более одного аудио-видео файла в каждый момент времени. Если Вы, или Ваша программа нарушает это правило, Ваш доступ к нашему серверу может быть заблокирован без дополнительных предупреждений. Спасибо за понимание!

    Note: All transfers are logged! Some thoughtless people are trying to open many sessions at a time. In most cases this doesn't speed up the transfer, but rather slows it down.

    If we see that you opened many sessions at a time, we'll close access to this host from your network!

    Due to many users opening several parallel connections (sometimes inadvertently, just because they are using the software they can not tune properly!), we limited the number of parallel download connections to 1 (ONE!). If we see that you (or your stupid software tool that you can not control) is persistently trying to open several connections (that takes some bandiwidth out of your and other users' allowances), we will block those networks from accessing our server!

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